Cronasia Foundation College is a private educational institution duly recognized and registered by virtue of the laws of the Philippines. It is established to reach out to the most number of Filipino youth who dare to challenge poverty through education.

  • Our scholarship program aims to give more opportunities to students.
  • Enrolled students are given the privilege to use all information resources.
  • It’s mission is to produce professionals who will improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals, groups and communities.

Thank you for choosing CFCI as your home for learning. Guided with our Core Values, we are committed to provide each one of you with significant and meaningful learning opportunities to help in achieving your academic and personal goals.


As a Foundation, Cronasia Foundation College, Inc., is envisioned to be the center of enriching indigenous culture in Southern Mindanao that eradicates cultural, racial and gender biases and poverty, promotes respect to religious beliefs and an avenue for the development of teachers in their fields of expertise in providing excellent and accessible academic instruction, producing productive professionals who instill national pride while competing to universal economy.


To attain its vision, Cronasia Foundation College, Inc., is committed to alleviate socio-cultural and economic disparity by promoting specialized instructions for academic excellence while providing accessible and conducive education among the Filipino youth in their pursuance to become responsible and competent professionals.


  • Continuing initiation of innovative learning techniques.
  • Recognition of Lawful Students’ organization to engage students in extra- and co-curricular activities.
  • Enhancement of Teachers’ competency.
  • Promotion of equality among others in producing progressive individuals.
  • Promotion of community extension service and research development.
  • Elevation of the standard of living of poor families by providing accessible and affordable education.
  • Regulation of activities that will enhance the students’ socio-cultural and economic awareness.


As a Foundation, Cronasia Foundation College, Inc. upholds the following Core Values:

  • Buong pusong ihahatid ang serbisyong wow!
  • Ego Tripping: Mahigpit na ipinagbabawal.
  • Team CFC: Walang Katulad.
  • Hindi pwede ang pwede na, dapat performance to the highest level talaga!
  • Ang problemang rampant diskarte ang katapat.
  • Be at peace, tara usap tayo.
  • Be happy always, kahit anong ganap.
  • Everything we do we give back the glory to God.
  • Simpleng sikat, shine sa lahat.
  • To live a stress-free life, dapat always good vibe.