Basic Education 7th Commencement Exercises and Moving Up Ceremony of Class 2023-2024 BATCH SANGHAYA

By: Caryl Grace Lopez

A total of 525 Basic Education completers and graduates gathered at the KCC convention and events center yesterday, June 13, 2024, at 1:00 pm for the 7th Commencement Exercises and Moving Up Ceremony of Cronasia Foundation College Inc., with the theme “Kabataang Pilipino para sa matatag na kinabukasan ng bagong Pilipinas.”.  

Attty. Cyd Charrise P. Non-Dizon, MMREM, REA, REB, School Administrator, delivered her welcome address, recognizing the hard work of the kindergarten, junior high, and senior high school students together with their supportive parents and guardians, emphasizing how their achievements demonstrated their determination and perseverance. “Write your own story, create your own pen, and never forget the lessons that you have learned,” she reminded the graduates as they embarked on their new journey.  

Moreover, admiration fills the crowd as kindergarten public speaker Emman Pitt T. Varron addresses his gratitude towards his parents, teachers, and friends. “Maintain your hard work and believe in yourself,” he stressed as he motivated his fellow graduates.  Junior High School valedictorian Laika Marie H. Amaller gave her valedictory speech, as she conveyed how she had faced various hardships throughout her journey that had truly impacted her as an individual and as a student, yet at the same time it had motivated her to strive harder and trust in herself.

Furthermore, it was followed by the speech of senior high school valedictorian Maurianne Khate Yu, as she expressed her deepest gratitude towards her mother’s efforts and sacrifices. She had also emphasized that there are inevitable forces that may impact our lives and cause us to stumble; however, with our determination, we will be able to stand, overcome, and achieve our goals.  As the ceremony progressed, distinguished guest speaker Rowena S. Bongolto, LPT, advised the graduates with her 7 life hacks that would develop their mindsets as Gen Z—being more dedicated and determined, and most importantly, enjoying the learning process as they face the new journey that awaits them. 

 Sanghaya is a Filipino word that denotes dignity, honor, or integrity. Resonating the Cronasian graduates’ and completers’ quality as individuals.

Photo by | Wilson Lisondra

Illustrated by | Renjoy Rivera

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