CFC 2022 Webinar: Strengthening Mental Health and Building Resilience in Difficult Times

By: Jan Rey Moniño

Mr. Gerald Oliver Wang Jr. the Resource Speaker hosted the lecture which was the first in the GAD focal point committee’s Webinar held on January 27, 2022. His lecture covers the impact of mental health issues on employees, recognizing the need of workplace support, and psychological development of assisting themselves or others who are suffering from mental health issues. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Impact of psychological issues are severe that educational leaders must take actions to resolve with the moral health crises. Various kind of issues exposed during the pandemic. Apart from being subjected to the same mental stressors and cultural transformations as the general public, they have confronted a slew of new issues as a result of the pandemic.

As the result of the nature of their profession, they face a higher personal risk of exposure, as well as the possibility of exposing family members, they also have to deal with increased workloads, moral concerns, and the difficulties that come with caring for critically ill patients at work. Both students and the teachers were able to adopt the new normal despite of the sudden changes brought by the COVID-19 impact. This Mental Health Virtual Training aims to achieve the positive outcomes in different kind of learning modalities that is implemented to educate the learners amidst the crisis.

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