Election 2022: Tungo sa Kaunlaran

By: Lorencio P. Ped Jr.

In a democratic republic country like the Philippines, we are composed of government branches at multiple levels led by elected officials’ various political affiliation.

February 8 ,2021, marked as the official start of campaign season for (Halalan 2022). Last May 9,2022, as the moment truth as we choose the next leaders of our country. The aspiring candidates presented their platforms with a promise for better life of Filipinos under the shadows of COVID-19, which ravage the country’s economy.  When choosing the next leaders of our country we should look for those leaders who understand the problem of the community. A leader who can expand their horizon, accept diversity, and educate more people. While battling this pandemic we always have the option of choosing our leaders, and every one of us had the power and genuine freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a basic human right that we my exercise in this election.

These aspiring leaders inspired others to help one another, because helping one another is the best way to survive and recover during this pandemic. They realized that becoming future leaders of the Philippines is a tough and challenging task, yet they managed to demonstrate the qualities of a good leader.

The Commission on Election adheres to strengthen the partnership of the internal and external forces to produce more competent, brave, smart, and great leaders Republic Philippines. Everyone is involved in establishing a safe and sovereign government in our country.

Artwork by: Phillip Rodemio

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