“Abante, Cronasia Academic year 2021-2022!”

By: Lalyn Quintanes, LPT

According to today’s headlines, “education amidst Pandemic”, emphasized how the Covid-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and had an impact into some significant aspects of national and global society, including the schools. Some businesses were closed. Both ordinary and popular people experienced the inefficiencies and difficulties. The Country’s Worldwide Economic Stability was gradually deteriorating as well, yet at some points we survived. And now, we already accepted the so-called “New Normal Life”.

Amidst all this uncertainty, the Cronasia Foundation College, Inc. with arise from these circumstances such as on providing the blended-instructional tools using the Online Platforms to achieve the educational learning for the students. It has been a great challenge for the educators, students, and parents during this current pandemic enduring the challenges or modifications which have included the proper sanitation, physical distancing, and wearing of masks as implemented protocol.

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