Cronasia Virtual Festival 2021 Theme: “One Mission Together We Rise!”

By: Lalyn Quintanes, LPT

The Cronasia first virtual festival was applauded by all Cronasians on May 24 2021. The amazing event was led by the school Administrator, Atty Cyd Charisse P. Non-Dizon REA, REB with her opening remarks. It was held successful due to the unity and collaboration of our faculty and staffs, as well as our dearest student who eagerly participated in the school’s memorable event from dated May 24-29, 2021 with Cronasia virtual festival theme “One Vision, One Mission, Together We Rise even though we are facing global health crisis that necessitates restrictions. However, everything could be turn into possibility by having such great efforts in valuing the importance of the school aspiration to achieve success and prosperity.

 The festival consists of the following competition or event: Mr. and Ms. Faces of cronasia 2021, Rap Competition, 3V3 Hiphop Dance Battle, Spoken World Poetry Competition Poster Making Contest Mobile Legends Tournament Cosplay falkdance make-up transformation “Kalook-Alike’’, singing solo vlogging and tik-tok dance craze competition the Sigay Award 2021 was the event highlights with outstanding students receiving awards for their outstanding leadership and academic performance. In addition, the criminology department was hieled as the most outstanding department of the year. All the events were hosted by Mr. Rene Gortisano and Ms. Lovely Mahinay, LPT.

On the final day of the Festiva, May 29 2021, Ms. Anika Cieraine N. Dizon, a member of the school’s Board of Trustees delivered her opening remarks for the last events. Further, the Candidates of thr elite faces demonstrated grace, confidence, and while wearing their best bib and tacker and answering questions from winners were later announced, and the over-all champion department which is the social work department

The festival was ended with the closing remarks led by Ms. May Maeh V. tobato MAED, LPT, as she addressed the entire outcome and success of the first Cronasia virtual festival in this year 2021. The event was headed by the event coordinator, Mr. Rene D. Gortisano, together with the technical team headed by the BMMA Coordinator, Mr. Leomil Jay Duran assisted by the layout artist Mr. Keith Fullido Overall the festival end successfully despite of this pandemic in HEART. Through this, it will allow each of us to experience and develop peace sportsmanship friendship and camaraderie

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