CFC NSTP-CWTS Outreach Program at Sitio Blala Barangay San Jose

By: John Syrel Pabilona, RL

The NSTP-CWTS is an effective educational innovation in the Tertiary of the Philippines under Republic Act no. 9163 also known as the Act of establishing the National Service Training Services (CWTS) is feared towards activities that have social impact through events that will contribute to health education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation, and morals of the citizenry. Thus, the CWTS component of the NSTP stresses the importance of youth, involvement in broad programs or activities that will benefit the people and also focused on programs to enhance the living conditions of the people.

As result of collective efforts from NSTP students and teachers of Cronasia Foundation College, one of its mission and activities involved in this program is to conduct an outreach activity to the IPs of the city. In the 17th day of July 2021 (Saturday0, the NSTP class of the school initiated to conduct an outreach program to sitio Blala in Brgy. San Jose, General Santos City.

The said activity was headed by the CFCI NSTP instructor Mr. Wally Prick Acabal, LPT in partnership with batang Star Philippines Inc. the outreach program was a success, despite the difficult and long hours, it took to get to the venue. The NSTP class of the school provided around 55 relief packs for the families in the Sitio as well as 20 pairs of slippers for the children.

The class also prepares some snacks for the children. Indeed, it was an amazing event of the NSTP class which brought joy to the parents and children of Sitio Blala who took part in the outreach program. However, because of the pandemic, not all NSTP students can join the program; instead, only representatives from every department including some Indayog and Sining Kalilintad members who gives an amazing performance in the event.

However, we, the Filipino are courageous and never given up on anything we want to achieve because we have ambitions. Despite the challenges, we find a light that guides us to align our goals on the right path. Thatโ€™s why, โ€œWe, Cronasians, and for the newly Cronasians, ABANTE!โ€ for this Academic Year 2021-2022. Let us work together to become more productive, collaborative, positive and committed to achieve the schoolโ€™s institution- the mission and vision with unity and love!

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